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Why hire a Keynote Speaker

If you are looking to add impact & credibility, build audience energy & inspiration, provide fresh perspectives, deliver new techniques & ideas, build more unified community or just motivate and show that you value your teams, a good Keynote speaker will add significant value and heightened engagement to take your corporate or social event to the next level. 

Both Jamie & Steven are highly experienced corporate and social speakers offering over 30 years national and international business experience each. And have rich backgrounds in personal development, mentoring and coaching.

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Jamie Ryder

Entrepreneur, Business Leader, Expert Speaker, Executive & Life Coach and Influencer

Focus Topics

Strategy, Organisational Culture, Innovation, Leadership, Mindset, Belief, Self-Worth, Detachment, 100% responsibility, purpose & 

Financial Freedom


From local tradesman to CEO of an international organisation securing global multi million dollar deals. Specialising in SME business turnaround management and new business start-ups.

Jamie is known for his Grit, determination, truth, brutal honesty, humour, courage,
rawness, trustworthiness, self-discipline
and ability to visualise solutions.

Steve Professional Shoulders NBG.png

Steven Farrugia


CEO, Culture Strategist,Expert Speaker, Facilitator and Philanthropist

Focus Topics

Strategy, Culture, Innovation & Continuous Improvement, Leadership Mindset, Organisational Culture, Human Evolution Cycle

& Social Impact


Steven started his career with 16 years international experience with global giant Robert Bosche, before spending the following 16 years founding and growing his own Social Enterprises,

65% Startup Success rate (global avg is 5%)Worked with over 650+ companies serviced. Master facilitator and Thought Leader for Lean Six Sigma and Agile

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