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Why I do this

I believe in you

I believe you have a purpose

I believe that your purpose will bring you happiness and fulfilment

I believe you can

I believe your mindset is key and your perspective will set you free

I believe, you can believe

I believe you can dare to dream

I believe you can make your dreams your reality

I believe in you

My Purpose:

To ignite your potential into meaningful action, so you can live a life of freedom, fulfilment & gratitude.

I am known For:

Grit, determination, absolute truth, humour, OCD / work ethic and courage.


Others admire me for:

Mental strength, rawness, wisdom, brutal honesty, trustworthiness, self-discipline and ability to visualise solutions.


The problems I solve

Mindset, Belief, Focus, Clarity, Self-worth, Direction, Strategy & Purpose.


About Me: I was gifted with the (dis) ability of dyslexia. This reduced my ability in reading and spelling, and it super charged my ability to see patterns. I see through problems, tragedy & negativity and clearly see opportunity, solution & possibility. 

Having this (dis) ability is hugely powerful, however learning it has been a wild ride.

For me, winning was everything. My opponent wasn’t my enemy, I had become my enemy. To my core I felt 2nd place was the first loser. I saw loss as me being a loser, I saw failure as worse than loss and had created my own false reality that loss & failure would define me as such.

How wrong I was. I found myself through tragedy, won through loss and succeeded though failure. I gained perception, value, depth, meaning, experience, character and humility. And through this I found my purpose.


Perception opens the door to a new reality.

Letting go of your narrative to life events as good or bad, open your mind to the many possibilities of interpretations and controlling how you feel about it, places you in control of your life and you perceive it.

You control the power of your mind, not out-side events - Realise this and you will find the strength. Marcus Aurelius


It is neurologically impossible to be stressed and grateful at the same time. Simply by practising gratitude every day, you can improve physical & psychological health, mental strength & self esteem. It enhances empathy, reduces stress, improves sleep quality & duration and improves relationships.


Mindset enhances brain function, heightens motivation, lowers stress and ignites action. Whether for personal, professional or otherwise, activation and action are key elements of self-improvement. The power of choice and your focus on the future and solutions will break habits, limiting barriers and self doubt that no longer serve you.


Character resides at the inner core of consciousness and is the dictator of instinct, ego, self identity, self preservation, values & beliefs, skills & capability, behaviours and thought. 

Evolve Character and Evolve Humanity.

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