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Are you a 'People Pleaser'

Do you have trouble saying "NO"?


This is an end to end solution empowering you to;

  • Identify the need for boundaries, have an in depth understanding of what a boundary is, where a boundary is required, how to set a boundary and how to manage & maintain healthy boundaries

  • To eliminate fear, guilt, shame and regret

  • To Re-build an internal sense of being good enough and worthy of love and belonging from others

  • To empower your intuition into meaningful action

  • To empower you to speak your truth with peaceful confidence

  • Start living a life of freedom, fulfilment and gratitude.

Setting & Managing boundaries is your self-worth, intuition and integrity in action.

R.I.S.E Program


Reflect on life's most significant events, seek fresh perspectives, clarity & understanding


Take a deep dive into your thoughts, feelings, choices & focus, and understand your character strengths and how they shape you.


How to bring the lessons forward, experience our feelings, accept them and detach from the past so they no longer control you. 


Discover your new vision for the future. Develop exciting new strategies &  become empowered to achieve your new goals.

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Ignite your true potential into meaningful action and live your life with freedom, fulfilment & gratitude.


Clarity of and alignment to purpose is the ultimate state of being. Uncover, who, why and what you are.

Other Services & Programs

Therapy Session
Coaching & Mentoring

To take control of your life is to take action. Align purpose to action, action to character, character to  execution, execution to gratitude and you will have the success, happiness and fulfilment you desire.

Mentoring - is a holistic deep approach,

Coaching - is a laser focused strategic approach, 


To empowering your next level and/or filling your wildest dreams.

School Hallway
 Schools Programs 

Anti -Bullying

We take a holistic, whole school approach for both students and teachers. We include educational content that supports social & emotional competencies with our core focus on character and provide a suite of tools to learn how to appropriately respond too & prevent bullying behaviours.


No means No

We use a similar holistic approach as in our Anti-Bullying program with the additional focus to mitigating sexual violence, coercion and education around choice, awareness and responsibility.

Giving a Presentation

Take control of your destiny, align yourself to purpose and achieve the success & freedom you set out to get.

This is a restricted area and is only offered to those who are serious about taking action to achieve results.

Be prepared to face the truth, be held to account and achieve the results you only dared to dream.

Your business will only ever be as good as the decisions you make. 

It's time, lets do this.

Conference Crowd
Keynote Speaking

A great keynote speaker can drastically improve the tone, impact and reach of a conference.


Jamie Ryder

Entrepreneur, Business Leader, Expert Speaker, Executive & Life Coach and Influencer.

Steven Farrugia

CEO, Culture Strategist, Expert Speaker, Facilitator and Philanthropist.

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